Thursday, July 11, 2019

Upon Thy Belly Shalt Thou Go

How long will she stay like this? 

How long can I savor this innocence? 

I looked at newborn Kate one day, lying on her belly, and felt this familiar tug—the desire to
freeze that moment forever. 

Then a phrase unexpectedly popped into my mind. "Upon thy belly shalt thou go... all the days of thy life." The curse given to Satan after he tempted Eve to eat Eden's forbidden fruit. 

I looked again at my sweet, completely helpless baby. I realized that I wanted the memory of that moment to last forever, but it would be such a tragedy for her if she never progressed beyond lying on her belly. 

And yet that is exactly Satan's fate. In his rebellion, he lost the opportunity for progression. He will remain forever in an infantile state. 
Six months later, Kate was sitting. Then in another six she was walking. 

Now eighteen months later she is running, dancing, and bursting with personality. She's delightful! Watching her turn into a kid has been such a joy. 

Looking at my older kids I know that in the next few years she will learn to talk, color, swing, and read. And that progression will continue throughout life and into eternity. 

Progression is one of the great purposes and blessings of mortality. Those who follow the Savior will progress to one day become like Him. 

But "he that believeth not shall be damned." Just like Satan, their progression will be halted. They will not be able to reach their full potential, for that fullness is found only in Christ. 

May we enjoy the progress, development, and growth of true believers.

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