Monday, July 2, 2018

Beauty in Brokenness

As I looked at a tray of squished blueberries in front of Kate this morning, I realized that if I had seen them anywhere else I would have thought, "Gross!" and thrown them away without a thought, assuming they had been stepped on and were dirty. 
But since I knew how they got there and why they were squished, I wasn't disgusted; I was fascinated. I took time to look at the different colors and textures and found beauty that I never noticed in squished blueberries before. I explored how much pressure it took before they popped open, and appreciated that they did because that's the only way Kate could enjoy them. 

I thought of the people we see in life who are broken. Too often we pass an instant judgment, even thinking of them as dirty in some way, and discard them from our circle. Sometimes we even think that about ourselves. 
But if we could see through God's eyes and understand why they are broken (for we all are) and how they got there, we would see a beauty we hadn't noticed and be fascinated with colors and textures of humanity we hadn't experienced before. 

Mary Pipher wrote of her experience working with refugees, "I have a much broader sense of what being human can entail." I think that expanded view of humanity is the natural result for all of us as we enjoy each other in our brokenness. And just like Kate with blueberries, that's the only way we can truly be enjoyedpopped open with our true colors, flavors and textures exposed. 

It's not easy to show our own brokenness, or to get to know others well enough to understand theirs, but when we do the result is always loveboth for ourselves and others. Mary Lou Kownacki said, "There isn't anyone you couldn't love once you've heard their story." 

Let's embrace the beauty of our brokenness so we can enjoy, and be enjoyedall across the broad sense of humanness, in all our juicy flavors. 


  1. This is a really cool analogy, thanks for sharing Lisa! It reminds me of this song, I'm not sure if you've heard it before. God is truly the Master healer. When we come before Him broken then we allow Him to make our broken parts our strengths.

  2. Oh yeah, EFY 2005! love that song.

  3. Thanks for sharing another inspiring "Lesson Learned" I have missed reading these. I always think when I read them. "Why didn't I think of that insight. It is so simple and so true and yet so profound. I love where your thoughts and your pondering takes you. I love that you live your life the way that you reflect on that way it should be. I love you.

  4. Such a beautiful way to view life. Thank you for sharing ♥️