Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jesus is the Real Light of Christmas

As we were driving the other night, Jane kept looking out the window and saying, "I'm trying to find Jesus. I'm trying to find Jesus. There's Jesus!" Then she explained, "Jesus is another word for Christmas lights."

At first I felt like this was kind of sacrilegious, but I quickly realized that Jane was seeing the true purpose behind all of the decorations and festivities of Christmas--Jesus.
As Elder Bednar recently implored in the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, "May the beautiful lights of every holiday season remind us of Him who is the source of all light."

Everything about Christmas ought to be a reminder and representation of Christ. We talk about finding Christ in Christmas as if He is hidden somewhere amidst the gifts, lights, cards, goodies, trees, parties, and activities. And often He's not just hidden in these things, but completely lost.

I hope that this year we will truly celebrate CHRISTmas as we learn to see Him in all the things that were meant to remind us of Him.

Of course we can and ought to find Him as we read the Christmas story, display nativity sets, sing Christmas hymns, and improve our personal worship. But even beyond that we can find Him as learn to see the real representations of everything in Christmas.

Then like Jane we can say,

"Jesus is another word for Christmas lights which shine through dark nights and winter storms."
"Jesus is another word for Christmas trees which are always alive even when all else is dead, which point heavenward and give hope of the new life of spring."
"Jesus is another word for Santa Claus, a saint who cared for the poor and showed an example of true Christianity."
"Jesus is another word for Christmas parties, a true celebration of His life, His victory over death and all that He offers us because He lived and died and rose again."
"Jesus is another word for gifts, given selflessly out of love binding the hearts of giver and receiver."

I am so grateful for this season to celebrate Jesus Christ and what my life can be because of Him. And I'm grateful that Jane reminded me to find Christ in all the -mas of Christmas.