Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Catching the Vision

What’s this word, bud? … Focus … Sound it out … Focus …

Steven and I are working through the Teach Your Child to Read book right now. Anyone who has used this program knows what an agonizing process it is. Perhaps for the parent even more than for the child.
Yet we continue the struggle, because I have a vision of how this skill will transform his life. It will bring joy, opportunities, and new perspectives. It will be the foundation of his education, career, and spiritual growth.

He catches a bit of the vision sometimes, but he can’t see beyond how fun it will be to read Piggie and Gerald. He has no idea what is truly in store. No wonder he fights against the stretching of his abilities.
I am so grateful for the Lord who is by my side, patiently tutoring me, even when I fight against His lessons. He suffers pain and agony far beyond what I endure in my stretching trials.

He continues when I want to give up, because He has a vision of how my life can be transformed. He sees the eternal joy, opportunities, and new perspectives when I can only see the end of the day. I have no idea what is truly in store, but He knows.

I hope I can trust enough to truly give myself to His transformative training.

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